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Oh man that sounds awesome! I saw them in Charlotte, NC in March 2013 and they were amazing. And they had been touring with The Bouncing Souls at that time but the concert I was at was the one leg of the tour they weren't playing. It was still incredible though, definitely best concert I've been to. What other concerts have you been to? And do you like any of Brian's side projects (other than The Horrible Crowes) or his solo stuff?

I’ve grown very fond of Molly and the Zombies, to be honest. They make me happy; but other than that really I haven’t had time to research into his music haha; without a laptop and a broken phone it’s hard.

The main band I listen to is Frightened Rabbit; they are extremely creative it’s unreal. Although my blog is based on the famous Biffy Clyro, frightened rabbit are my favorite. You should totally listen to them, they’re rad. Also, I listen to a lot of Manchester Orchestra; they’re incredible too!

Not really sure what lees to say ATM, I’m sat on the bus. Haha, like a dork on the way to work.

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theblueshinigami asked:

Hey there, I was going through the tag for The Horrible Crowes and saw your post. I'm a huge fan of them, The Gaslight Anthem, and pretty much anything else Brian Fallon has worked on. I've listened to Chuck Ragan a bit, but I'm mostly just familiar with the songs him and Brian Fallon's Revival Tour songs. I've also listened to We Were Promised Jetpacks a bit and really liked them, but havent looked into them too extensively yet. Your blog seems pretty awesome and you have a good taste in music!

Wow, thank you so much :) my blog is my heart and soul haha. Yeah Brian is my man really; I paid £5 to see The Gaslight Anthem in Birmingham 2011 and it was the best choice of my life.

I’d love to hear more from you, drop me a message any time :) I’m very much up for a chat :)

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